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Why its important to clean your ReturnĀ Air Return?

  • Decreases the smoking in the kitchen
  • Decreases the heat in the kitchen
  • Allows the grease to flow up and out
  • Your System will over work if the cold air is blocked

Exhaust Air

Exhaust air is the starting point in restaurant kitchen ventilation design. Exhaust air is the air that is contaminated by smoke and grease-laden vapor (aerosols) created by the cooking source. This air must be removed from the building in a manner that complies with local codes and ordinances.

Replacement Air

  • Make-up or, supply air must be provided in approximately equal amounts to replace the kitchen air being exhausted. Typically, outside air is supplied through a designed make-up air system. Most health codes require that an amount of fresh outside air be included in any replacement air calculation to assist in indoor air quality requirements.
  • If the return air is blocked your system is only working at 50% and your costs are going up.

Return Before Cleaning