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Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning Services and More.

HOODMASTERS is the leading kitchen hood and exhaust company in Omaha, Lincoln and throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. We specialize in Everything Under the Hood, which includes roof-top grease containment, return air cleaning, fire suppression system inspections, fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance, emergency exit light and sign inspections, in addition to more services.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Grease travels through into range hood, through the vent hood filters, into the duct work which leads to the exhaust fan on the roof.  Grease can be ignited by a single spark on the cooking line which can travel through your system within seconds. Proper cleaning of your kitchen hood and exhaust is mandated by law. Our experts clean to a NFPA Standard-96. More...

Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

Removable filters should be cleaned on a regular basis by restaurant staff, but a HOODMASTERS quarterly vent hood filter deep cleaning helps ensure proper function and less smoke in your kitchen and restaurant.  We can also measure, order, and purchase vent filters for your establishment.

Fan Access Panel Installation

Fan access panels on exhaust fans allow all areas of the fan to be cleaned, inspected and maintained.  The back side of fan blades are cleaned by our technicians, which helps prevent grease build up causing the fan to operate off-balance, rattle and wear out.  NFPA Standard-96 requires fan access panels on the exhaust fans.

Hood Filter Replacement

We offer an extensive filter replacement service for stainless steel and aluminum systems. We can also replace light globes, light cages and grease cups.

Personalized Key Service

We have personalized discount programs for our clients that allows our certified and bonded technicians to service your facility without any scheduling conflicts. More...

Fire Suppression Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Servicing & Emergency Exit Light & Sign Inspections

We specialize in 'Everything Under the Hood' which includes our Fire Suppression Inspections and Services. More...

Hoodmasters Before & After
Hoodmasters Before & After
Hoodmasters Before & After
Hoodmasters Before & After
Hoodmasters Before & After
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