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Hinge Kit Installation

Hinge Kits are installed and attached to the kitchen exhaust fans on the roof which allow the fan to be lifted and tilted in order to properly clean the fan blades and the ductwork. Hinges prevent wear and tear on wires and the fan itself. These are required according to NFPA Standard-96.

Duct Access Panel Installation

We can install access doors in kitchen exhaust systems in otherwise inaccessible areas so we can perform a complete cleaning of your system that meets the NFPA 96 Standards. Access panels are recommended for duct systems that have obstructions that prohibit proper access for cleaning and maintenance.

Grease Containment Box Installation

Containment systems prevent costly roof damage and OSHA violations. Our grease collection boxes catch grease before it reaches the roof which protects from leaks and deterioration of roof top surfaces. Our experienced technicians will empty the grease collection boxes every time we service your account. We have many containment options that meet the specific needs for your exhaust system.